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Enjoy the luxury and comfort of our private bridal suite decorated with rare antique furniture, filled with charm and elegance.


Experience the beauty of the Campania region of Italy and the nearby treasures and wonders of the southern coast. Savor the local cuisine at the many restaurants, pizzerias and agriturismi while you admire the scenic countryside and mountain views. Villa Camelia’s convenient location makes it easy to plan day trips to Naples, Pompei, Matera, the Royal Place of Caserta and the Amalfi Coast.

History of the Villa

Villa Camelia was built in the 1600’s by the Barrionuevo family, a Spanish noble family from the Castile region of Spain. Berardino de Barrionuevo was the secretary of the Kingdom of Naples from 1590 to 1600.

He later became Regent of the Royal Chancellery. In 1597, King Filippo III of Spain granted him the title of Marquis along with the fiefdom of the town of Cervinara. In 2006 the building was restored and Villa Camelia was born. Today it is host to the most exclusive weddings and events in the Valle Caudina. The villa has preserved its original structure and sits beneath two majestic century-old pine trees and a fragrant ancient Camelia tree. It features a breathtaking panorama with a spacious garden that can seat up to 200 guests. It is filled with lush flowers, fountains and an enchanting swimming pool.

The villa boasts a large, luminous banquet room, accommodating up to 250 guests. It has been skillfully restored to retain the sixteenth-century elegance, making it the ideal place for unique, sophisticated receptions. Wedding parties and their quests will be surrounded by a refined atmosphere created by our attentive staff, immediately feeling pampered and at ease. The room, its furnishings and classic decorations create an ambiance both intimate as well as sophisticated.

A One of A Kind Wedding

Celebrate your nuptials in an exclusive and opulent surrounding. Our wedding planner and staff design distinct receptions custom made for each bride and groom.

Each component is carefully taken into consideration, from rehearsal dinners to color schemes, original floral arrangements and other decorative elements. Villa Camelia is known for its exceptional cuisine, a sublime experience for the palate and the eyes. Our dishes showcase the culinary traditions of the Caudine Valley, foods that enhance the simple and genuine flavors of local excellence. Villa Camelia uses seasonal products at zero km, purchased from small farms that ensure a short and controlled food supply chain.
No wedding is complete without our lavish dessert table filled with delectable specialty pastries and confections.

Our pastry chef creates exquisite wedding cakes specially made for the bride and groom, a sweet finale to the perfect day. To close the festivities, the chef prepares a table with a wide variety of traditional “confetti” (Jordan almonds), liquors and Cuban cigars. Guests can relax and digest the lovely night, the scenery and their delicious meal! At the end of the reception, the management of Villa Camelia is pleased to lead the newlyweds to the bridal suite for their wedding night. This romantic suite, furnished with antique furniture, is located in the oldest part of the villa. It is equipped with all of the amenities and comforts and includes a relaxing, luxurious Jacuzzi.



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